Our pastor, deacons and Sunday School teachers have been an inspiration teaching me to handle the difficulties I encounter. I am trying to learn to keep a positive attitude in times of strife. I pray to grow to be longsuffering, and slow to anger, although my tendency is to be quick to pop-off with my mouth. I find the best help comes from preaching and studying the word of God.

There is nothing like hearing it straight, and in person. I have recorded sermons, and I need them to review and refresh my thoughts, but there is no replacement for the "real thing". I thank God for bringing me to a ministry where the primary focus is on preaching that is true to the word of God. I find myself experiencing all different emotions during the sermons. At times I feel an overwhelming peace in the confidence of my salvation, and knowing I am on the right path. Other times I feel deep conviction, and recognize the areas where I need the most correction and change. I hear explanations of the parables, teaching me aspects that I had never considered, as well as reminding me that I need to study my bible more. There is so much guidance in God's word, and I always find a nugget to pocket each time I stop to dwell. The width and depth of God's word is immeasurable, and there is no situation that the values and teachings do not apply.